Universitas Tanjungpura Sets to Depart 29 Lecturers to United States of America to Participate in Professor Acceleration

Universitas Tanjungpura – The Rector sets to depart lecturers who will attend the Acceleration of the Professor and Doctor of Universitas Tanjungpura in the Professional Communication Workshop at Kansas State University for five weeks.

The release was symbolically carried out at the Rector’s house in Daya National street, Wednesday (2/20/19). Thamrin Usman said that 29 lecturers would depart to the United States.

From 9 faculties sent each of their representatives, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science send four lecturers respectively. Whereas faculty of law, social and political science, forestry, economy, medical, and agriculture each sent three lecturers.

For the Masters program, lecturers will get an increase in English skills marked with a Toefl score of at least 550. The second output is the lecturers will get a letter of acceptance (LOA) which indicates that there are candidates for their supervisors and professors. With these two things, it was then used to complete the requirements to get a Fulbright scholarship to America.

“This means they are to learn English,” Thamrin said. “They are banned for using the Indonesian language for a moment, one word one dollar. It is important for training,” Thamrin said.

For the doctoral program, the output will be to become a professor, the form of which is already available scientific articles that are ready to enter the reputable international journal with a copy. Because the requirements of the professors are only one, at least one journal is copied.

To get this when they are at Kansas State University, they will experience an interesting exchange discussion of experiences to the readiness for submitting articles to international journals.

Other requirements are only to complete the journals that have been uploaded to international journals. “So this is our effort to accelerate doctor programs and professors at Untan,” Thamrin concluded.

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