The Registration for The RPPI 2019

In order to boost the number of publications of Higher Education lecturers in Indonesia in indexed and international journals, the Indonesian Embassy in London through the Education and Culture Attaché will hold a Scientific Publication Writing Residency (RPPI) program which will run for two weeks in London. Through this program, it is expected that scientific articles that have received feedback from the managers of destination journals can be finalized more quickly through face-to-face discussions with author partners/reviewers in the UK. The provisions, description, and selection of RPPI are as shown below.

General requirements:

  • Participants are permanent lecturers at Universities (Private / Private) in Indonesia with S3 qualifications.
  • Writing scientific publications involves academics from one or several universities in the United Kingdom (UK) or Ireland.

Special provisions:

1. Author Profile

  • Participants are lecturers from universities who still need assistance and are the first authors of the articles written.
  • This program is not intended for lecturers who have or are currently following an existing cooperation scheme such as Newton Fund, Improving the Quality of International Publications (PKPI), Sandwich Ristek-Dikti, or other similar programs.

2. Journal and Article Profiles

  • The publication journal must be an indexed journal in accordance with the related scientific field (Examples: PubMed, EBSCO and MedLine for the areas of life sciences, biomedicine and medicine; Scopus for general scientific fields).
  • Publication journals should be included in journals of at least Q2 quality which can be seen on the “SJR: Scimago Journal & Country Rank” website (link: ).
  • The number of articles submitted for the 2019 RPPI program may be more than one.
  • Articles must already have the status “considered for publication with major correction ” or “considered for publication with minor corrections” ( considered for publication with minor corrections ). Thus, when participants take part in this program, discussions, and finalization with partner writers/reviewers before the revised version is sent to the journal manager.
  • Please note the deadline for submitting the revised text to the journal for publication purposes. If the revised deadline is before the 2019 RPPI program, the articles submitted for this program will automatically not be accepted.

3. Partner Profile

Authors of partners/reviewers must come from universities in the UK or Ireland and have an excellent reputation in their fields and actively write articles in journals indexed in the related scientific field. There are two categories for this provision:

  • First category : The main author and partner make a joint article. For this category, both must include the names of each in the article.
  • Second category : The main authors make their articles and academics from the UK only act as reviewers who provide feedback for finalization. For this category, only the primary author must include his name in the article. However, the main author must mention the reviewers’ contribution in the relevant section (footnote/endnote).

Program Description and Facilities:

1. This program will begin in the second week of October 2019 following the agreement of the partner/reviewers and lasts for 2 weeks.

2. This program will be held at the Indonesian Embassy in London (address: 30 Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 2BU).

  • For writers, partners/reviewers who live outside the city of London must be willing to come to the Indonesian Embassy in London.
  • The Atdikbud / Indonesian Embassy in London will condition this program to be conducive to supporting the process of resolving scientific publications.

3. Registration of this program is opened from now on and is closed on August 14, 2019 ( 17.00 BST or 23.00 WIB ).

To register, please fill out the online registration form at this link:
Some administrative requirements must be provided when registering *:

  • CV Main Author
  • Certificate from the college from the main author (must include NIDN) which states that the applicant is a permanent lecturer at the college.
  • Scan the passport identity page (if you don’t have a passport, you can use the KTP scan).
  • EIC decision email from the publication’s purpose journal containing comments from the destination journal reviewers.

*) The format of the uploaded document must be in PDF format (* .pdf)

4. Some facilities provided by Atdikbud:

  • Return Ticket Jakarta – London
  • Where to stay while in London at a guesthouse managed by the Indonesian Embassy or elsewhere, the rate is equivalent to the associated guest house
  • Local transportation for the London area ( Oyster card)
  • Daily consumption during the program

Selection Process

  • The Atdikbud office will conduct a selection process for all proposals/submissions received until the registration deadline is closed.
  • The selection process will take two weeks and involve a special team formed by the Atdikbud Office.
  • The announcement of proposals/submissions that pass will be made on August 28, 2019, and will be sent by email to the concerned.

If you need further information about the provisions, description of the program and facilities and selection, please contact us via the email address with the subject of the email “[RPPI 2019] Question”.

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