Document Form for IISMA 2023 Submission

Document Form for IISMA 2023 Submission

Do consider these things to acquire documents required for your IISMA submission.

Statement letter by the Head of Department and Head of International Affairs Office:
When you finish submitting the form below, an email will be sent to you containing the draft of this letter. The Head of Department should sign the letter first. Do not forget to put the duty samp (materai) on the head of department side. Print the letter and arrange the time to ask for your Head of Department’s signature.

After the letter is signed by your Head of Department, the original document needs to be handed to our staff. Put the document in a folder on where your name and student number written. The map to the office is in the picture below.

IAO Secretariat

Statement by the MBKM Unit:
This document will be arranged in batches. They are on Wednesday (22-02-2023), Friday (24-02-2023), Tuesday (28-02-2023), Friday (03-03-2023), and Tuesday (07-03-2023). The deadline of each batch is one day before (those who manage to complete the submission and handing the signed statement letter by the Head of Department to our staff on Tuesday (21-02-2023) will have the statement letter on Wednesday (22-02-2023), etc). A notification will be sent to the WAG when the document is ready.

(Interim) Academic transcript proofread:
Before sending us your translation, visit the following page:
Click on your faculty and study program on the next page. Take note that there may be a number of courses that are not validated yet as the curriculum is changing. If you find your courses on that page, you may use that translation. If not, do your best to translate the course(s).

Wakil Dekan bidang Akademik can be translated into Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

After you finish with your translation, send us the pdf file via email and send us notification to the WAG. Be properly warned that your email might be missed if you do not send us any notification to the WAG.

There may be many things you need to ask. If so, feel free to join the WAG here!

Upload your document:
There will be more documents needed to finish this form. Most of the documents should be in pdf file.

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