Documents required:

  1. Admission Form (download here)
  2. Application Letter – Form A (see sample here)
  3. Financial Statement – Form B (see sample here)
  4. Letter of Acceptance – Form C (see sample here)
  5. Medical Statement (valid for 6 months ahead)
  6. Latest Diploma Certificate
  7. Latest Transcript Certificate
  8. Passport (bio and cover page)
  9. Photo
  10. Bank Statement (balance > USD 1,500)
  11. Interim Academic Transcript (Extension of Study Permit)
  12. KITAS (Extension of Study Permit)
  13. SKLD/SKJ/STM (Extension of Study Permit)

Upload only PDF file, no more than 300 kb in size each. (See here for file scanning instruction).

Please note that all documents should be in Indonesian or English. If your documents are not in one of those two languages, translate them into either one by a sworn or certified translator.