StuNed Program Short Course Scholarship for Indonesian Citizen 2019, Netherlands

StuNed, Stu der in Northland , or study in the Netherlands, is a scholarship program that aims to help Indonesia’s development through improving the quality of Indonesia’s human resources. Scholarship recipients can attend a master course or short course program held in English (international study program) by higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

The StuNed program is part of the Dutch government bilateral cooperation with Indonesia which is listed in the Multi Annual Policy Framework (2014-2017).StuNed focuses on developing the capacity of individuals and institutions in order to support these fields and strengthen bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

The Short Course program includes specialist courses of international standard with an implementation time of 2 – 12 weeks and ends with the giving of a certificate or diploma from a Dutch higher education institution. Short courses are intended for middle professionals who wish to renew their knowledge so that they can contribute more to the institution or organization where they work.

Field of Study

StuNed is open to all international study programs held in the Netherlands by Dutch higher education institutions, except for joint-program between university.

Priority is given to the fields of study related to Indonesia-Netherlands bilateral cooperation area (292 kB) . More information about the choice of study programs can be accessed through


  • Indonesian citizens, proven by photocopying KTP or passport.
  • Received on one of the short course programs held in the Netherlands by Dutch higher education institutions.
    • evidenced by : Acceptance letter (letter of acceptance / admission letter) from a university in the Netherlands which clearly states the name of the study program, the start and end dates of the chosen study program and the total tuition fees.
  • Minimum education S1 / D4 and can show evidence of academic achievement (GPA min. 2.75).
    • evidenced by : transcripts and diplomas that are legalized with the date and year of graduation listed therein.
  • Work experience after graduating S1, at least 2 years in the last institution, proven by : photocopy of employee appointment (SK) or employment contract.
  • Approval from the institution.
    • evidenced by : an official statement from the institution leader on a stamp stating that his staff was permitted to study in the Netherlands. This statement is written on the StuNed form.
  • Statements are willing to follow and complete all lectures while receiving the scholarship written on StuNed’s form
  • Good English skills. proven by the results of the TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) with a minimum score of 68, or at least IELTS 5.5. The maximum validity of the TOEFL / IELTS test results is 2 years from the date of the test.
  • Applicants who complete their studies in an English-speaking country or graduate from an international program are exempt from a TOEFL or IELTS score, while graduating a maximum of 2 years before the deadline for registration for a StuNed scholarship.
  • In accordance with the priority areas of the Dutch-Indonesian Cooperation
  • Write clear motivations and goals to take the short course, and explain the benefits / direct impact of this program for institutions that work as well as the wider community.
  • poured in a motivation statement
  • Duration of the short course program: 2 weeks – 12 weeks  

How To Apply

Please CLICK THIS LINK to register


27 January 2019


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