The Digulist Monument in Pontianak City


The Eleven Digulist Monument in West Kalimantan is also called the Digulist Monument or the Sharp Bamboo Monument or the Untan Roundabout Monument by the local residents. The Digulist Monument is a monument located at the Universitas Tanjungpura Roundabout, Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani, Southeast Pontianak District, Pontianak City.

The history of the monument which was inaugurated by the Governor of West Kalimantan H. Soedjiman on 10 November 1987 is originally in the form of eleven stakes resembling spiky plain yellow bamboo. In 1995, this monument was repainted in red and white. The use of red and white makes some people consider this monument to be more like lipstick than sharp bamboos. Then, in 2006 renovations were made on this monument so that it was shaped more like a pointed bamboo like the current appearance.

This monument was erected as a reminder of the struggle of eleven Sarekat Islam leaders in West Kalimantan, who were exiled to Boven Digoel, West Irian for fear that their movement would trigger a rebellion against the Dutch East Indies Government in Kalimantan. Three of the eleven died during the exile in Boven Digoel and five of them died in the Mandor Event.

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