Experience Dayak Culture in Radakng House

What do you think of West Kalimantan as a tourist? You may have heard Dayak, one of the three biggest ethnics in this province alongside with Malay and Chinese Indonesia. Radakng house, a new landmark in Pontianak which was officially opened for public in 2013 can be one of the destination to go to. Located at the center of the city, it is a place to stroll, take pictures, and learn the unique characteristics of the culture.

A long house called Radakng house closelly related to Dayak culture is standing on Jl. Sutan Syahrir, Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Radakng house or known as long house shares certain characteristics that indicate a common origin to Austronesian architecture. The most ubiquitous common feature of the structures is the raised floor. The structures are raised on piles, usually with the space underneath which is utilized for storage or domestic animals. It is intended to mitigate damage during flooding and can act as defensive structures during conflicts. The house posts are also distinctively capped with larger-diameter discs at the top, to prevent vermin and pests from entering the structures by climbing them. This type of houses are usually built in wetlands and alongside bodies of water, but can also be built in the highlands or even directly on shallow water.

Currently, the Radakng house in Pontianak is used as a public place for big ceremonies, events, and cultural activities. To go to Radakng house in Pontianak, you can use online transportation if you do not have private vehicle. A preferable time to come may be around May each for Festival Gawai Dayak to get immersed with the culture.

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