International Showcase of Visual/Virtual Ethnographies

International Showcase of Visual/Virtual Ethnographies

As we are still waiting for the subsiding of corona virus epidemic and the ensuing lockdown of international travel, this program is for the organizing of an online workshop which provides a platform for the production, screening, presentation and discussion of short ethnographic films produced by undergraduate and graduate students from West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Sarawak, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Dr. Futuru C. L. Tsai
Associate Professor, Department of Public and Cultural Affairs, Institute of Austronesian Studies, NTTU.
Independent Director and Producer of Ethnographic Film.
Director, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (2011~2019).

Introduction to ethnographic film; Introduction to the production process of a documentary; How to select the subject of a documentary, storyline, preparing a proposal for making a documentary; Auteur theory and aesthetics; Introduction to filming/sound recording/ lighting equipment and skills; How to film an interview for a documentary; Scenery shot; Post-production (e.g. editing, sound mixing etc.).

Announcement and recruitment: January to February, 2021.
Online courses and production of films: February to July, 2021.
Workshop: early August, 2021.

Local festivals of chosen ethnic groups.
Traditional architectural styles and elements of different cultures.

Length of films: 15 minutes each.

Number of international student participants:
10 (UNTAN, Indonesia); 5 (UNIMAS, Malaysia).


  1. Student of Universitas Tanjungpura
  2. Minimal in 5th semester (not in final project or bachelor thesis)
  3. Movie making skill


  1. Motivation Letter
  2. CV
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Letter of Consent (in this letter, applicant states that he/she will fully attends the workshop from February until July and be fully committed to the program)
  5. Interim Academic Transcript
  6. Financial Statement
  7. Medical Statement (in this document, applicant states that he/she will follow the safety protocol for Covid during the workshop)
  8. Reference Letter from your academic supervisor
  9. Health Insurance – submit your Student ID as guaranty
  10. English Proficiency – (TUTEP) (no minimal score)
  11. Other supporting document

Certificate will be given to the participant upon completing the program. The organizer will conduct assessment during the program and have rights to drop out the unqualified participant.

Center of Austronesian Culture, National Taitung University
Center of Southeast Asian Ethnicities, Cultures and Societies (In collaboration between Universitas Tanjungpura and National Taitung University)

NTTU | Jean C.Y. Cheng |
UNTAN | Mifta Rahman |


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