Universitas Tanjungpura and Guangxi University for Nationality Long Term Collaboration

Signing of the MoU UNTAN-GXUN

Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan) has a long-standing collaboration with Guangxi University for Nationality (GXUN) since the opening a Mandarin language study program in collaboration with GXUN and Confucius Institute Headquarters Beijing, China (HANBAN), in 2009 at Untan.

This cooperative relationship was later strengthened in 2011 with the establishment of the Pusat Bahasa Mandarin (PBM) marked by the signing of the MoU on July 16, 2011 in GXUN-China. Untan and GXUN agreed to work together to improve education and research activities between the two universities. The Director of PBM Universitas Tanjungpura is filled by two persons, each representing each university. 

Through PBM, a series of activities have been carried out throughout 2019. As in the previous year, PBM facilitates students from China who do internships in PBM and Mandarin Language Study Program. This activity lasted for one year.  In 2019 there were three students from China who did internships in the Mandarin Language Study Program. The internship was fully funded by Hanban/Guang Xi University for Nationalities, China.

In 2019 the replacement of the PBM directors from China took place. Feng Guang Huo who was approved for 4 years was replaced by Ms. Zhou Gui. While the PBM director that represents Untan was appointed to Dr. Lily Thamrin.

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