Untan Strengthens Collaboration with Universities in Japan

MoU Signing between Universitas Tanjungpura and Hiroshima University

Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan) sent delegations to attend the 5th Japan-Indonesia Rector’s Conference in Hiroshima Japan October 10-11, 2019 in the group discussion topic namely Collaboration on Education for Sustainable Development, Research Collaboration on Sustainable Development, and Triple Helix Collaboration on Sustainable Development. The final goal is to strengthen the collaboration of Untan with universities in Japan, both those that have been fostered before as well as the new university partners.

The meeting was attended by the Rector of Untan (Prof. Dr. Garuda Wiko, S.H., M.Si.) as the chairperson of the delegation, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (Dr.rer.nat. Ir. R.M. Rustamaji, M.T.) who gave presentations in group two “Research Collaboration on Sustainable Development”, Director of International Affairs Office (Dr.techn. Zairin Zain, S.T., M.T.) and Prof. Dr. Ir. Yuliati Indrayani, M.Si., Professor in Forestry Sciences.

Dr.rer.nat. Ir. R.M. Rustamaji delivered his presentation

In line with this activity, Untan is exploring new collaborations with universities in Japan, namely Kagawa University, Ehime University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and Hiroshima University.

The new collaboration has been carried out through the signing of the MoU with Hiroshima University on October 10, 2019. Furthermore, strengthening the existing cooperation with Kochi University and Kyoto University. Strengthening cooperation with Kyoto University in the form of an MoA plan for the fields of Social Sciences, Agriculture, and Engineering. Communication will be carried out by Prof. Dr. Ir. Yuliati Indrayani, M.Si. to prepare for the signing of the MoA in the future and the MoU between universities.

From: http://thetanjungpuratimes.com/2019/10/17/untan-perkuat-kerjasama-dengan-perguruan-tinggi-di-jepang/?fbclid=IwAR1LQMZWiB8brEHSX7bbQfv9UnqY4nOx9xDlE4l-oA5iFMzatildzYwoyho

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