Exchange and Other Future Programs with Kochi University, Japan

Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan) has collaborated with Kochi University in the form of student exchanges and academic cooperation since 2015. The International Class of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Untan has conducted student exchange programs to Kochi University.

The most recent student exchange program was conducted on 27 September 2019-27 February 2020. the Four students took part the student exchange program are: Annisa Dipa Sakliana (International Management Study Program), Agustina Riska (International Management Study Program), Rendita Aulia (International Accounting Study Program), and Chelsie (International Accounting Study Program)

In addition to lectures, these students attended service-based learning programs, such as selling at the market, train, port, visiting schools in Kochi, communicating in English with their students. The female students were also taught farming such as ginger harvesting, sugar cane, and cultural and social studies in Japan.

Every month there was an Indonesian Food Night event, where students cooked different Indonesian foods, introduced and displayed Indonesian culture.

The International Affairs Office (IAO) of Untan as a unit assigned to undertake Overseas cooperation between Tanjungpura University and overseas tertiary partner institutions. For this reason, The cooperation with foreign partners, particularly Japan (universities and industry), needs to be increased. From the communication that has been established by the International Affairs Office and the Faculty of Economics and Business so far, a double degree program with Kochi University is still in discussion.

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