International Visiting Scholar to Kansas State University and 2017 MidTesol

International Visiting Scholar to Kansas State University and 2017 MidTesol

Universitas Tanjungpura, represented by the Language Centre visited Kansas State University (KSU) and attended 2017 MidTesol in the USA. The delegation which consisted of four lecturers started the activity by presenting on a poster session on an international symposium at the KSU.

The four representatives successfully presented two different titles. First title, themed “Designing A Local Culinary Book to Support Independent Reading Activities”, by Stella Prancisca and Ana Fergina, introduced local culinary for supporting students’ reading activity. Stella Prancisca, Head of Untan Language Centre, described the theme was raised due to its suitability to students’ context and background, especially at Untan which its students come from various region in West Kalimantan. Stella also elaborated that the theme is presented as an effort to introduce our local culture to the international participants coming from different countries in the world.

The other title presented at the symposium was “Developing Local Travel Guides on Undergraduate Extensive Reading Materials”. The title delivered by Ikhsanudin and Suparjan was to alter the false paradigm of reading. “Students tend to perceive reading a boring activity. Through this research we would like students to experience a pleasure in reading as the content is taken from their daily life” Suparjan argue.

In addition to delivering presentations, the team from Untan also attended a two week English Language Program. The program facilitated then participants to observe classes and language centre, discuss pilot projects, and exercise leadership development activities. All the activities are hoped to improve participants’ ability to teach and run a language centre.

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